Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

Trying to find documentation about Rocky Point’s midway carousel is like riding it — round and round you go until you end up at the same place you started! Let’s begin with the year it was built: some say 1910, others say 1915, and a few say 1917.  So, let’s look at the facts: Rocky… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

“Rocky Point is getting what?!” That was the reaction of most Rocky Point Park faithful in late 1983 when they learned that their traditional Warwick, RI park would be getting an esteemed Arrow Development Corkscrew coaster for the 1984 season.  I mean, Corkscrew coasters were staples in the big theme parks such as Knotts Berry… Continue reading The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

Rocky ’round the world!

Do a Google search of Rocky Point and most of the images you’ll see are of our beloved Rocky Point Park in Warwick, RI.  (1947 to 1998). But scroll down.  You’ll be intrigued by what else you find.  For instance, there’s Rock Point Park in Elwood, PA (1885 to 1911). And there’s Rocky Springs Park in… Continue reading Rocky ’round the world!

Blown Away!

The hurricane of 1938 wiped out five of Rhode Island’s wooden roller coasters, eliminating the artistry of some of the world’s most prolific ride designers. What do the Bullet, the Boston bs, the Comet, the Wildcat and the Flying Turns all have in common?  All met their fate to the September 21, 1938 hurricane that… Continue reading Blown Away!

The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part III)

With the closing of Crescent Park following the 1978 season, there were no takers for the Flying Fish.  My visit to the abandoned and eroding park in April 1980 revealed a twisted pile of ruble with the fragmented catwalk and the severed list chain being the only recognizable remains, seen below. There were no signs… Continue reading The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part III)

The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part I)

If there were two roller coasters that captured the imagination of Rhode Islanders in the 1960s into the early 1970s, they were the Wildcat at Rocky Point Park in Warwick and the Flying Fish at Crescent Park in East Providence.  Anybody who rode them has a story to tell.   Although separated by Narragansett Bay,… Continue reading The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part I)

The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

It was known to strike fear into anybody who rode it.  Rocky Point’s Wildcat coaster (not to be confused with the smaller, single-car Wildcat that arrived in 1958) was a wooden coaster that operated 1926 to 1938, having been destroyed by the ’38 hurricane. It was designed by Herbert Schmeck of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc… Continue reading The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point