The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

Did you have a favorite Rocky Point Park ride that they’d give your eye teeth to ride again?  Well, no need to see your dentist.  Gas up your car, set your smart phone’s GPS, and let’s hit the road to see what we can find! Miss seeing this damsel in distress inside Rocky Point’s Castle of… Continue reading The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

Rocky Point’s Movers & Shakers, Part I

Of all the amusement parks I’ve visited and/or researched, I can’t think of one that had so many “moving parts” than post-1948 Rocky Point Park.  Trying to document the rides’ comings and goings, as well the movement of rides over the midway, is like trying to measure the speed of dark.  However, I’m going to… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Movers & Shakers, Part I

1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

  Those old enough to have walked through the ruins of Rocky Point Park in the fall of 1938 would tell you they had seen the apocalypse.  With the exception of a few attractions, namely the Rock Cafe, the Flying Turns, the midway carousel and the Tumble Bug, most of the park was leveled by… Continue reading 1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

Two events for (all) the ages!

You could have fond memories of Rocky Point and Crescent Park.  You may want to learn about former Rhode Island amusement parks you never knew existed.  Or you may have been born before all these parks closed, and you want to see what you missed.  Whatever ride you want to take, the Rhode Island Historical… Continue reading Two events for (all) the ages!

The day Rocky Point’s Tumble Bug rolled into Supreme Court!

If you are of a certain age, you probably remember riding the Tumble Bug at Rocky Point before it was removed in the late 1970s.  The Tumble Bug (sometimes known as The Bug) dated back to 1927, and was moved to Rocky Point for the 1928 season.  It survived the 1938 hurricane, thanks in part… Continue reading The day Rocky Point’s Tumble Bug rolled into Supreme Court!