The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

Did you have a favorite Rocky Point Park ride that they’d give your eye teeth to ride again?  Well, no need to see your dentist.  Gas up your car, set your smart phone’s GPS, and let’s hit the road to see what we can find! Miss seeing this damsel in distress inside Rocky Point’s Castle of… Continue reading The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

“Rocky Point is getting what?!” That was the reaction of most Rocky Point Park faithful in late 1983 when they learned that their traditional Warwick, RI park would be getting an esteemed Arrow Development Corkscrew coaster for the 1984 season.  I mean, Corkscrew coasters were staples in the big theme parks such as Knotts Berry… Continue reading The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

Rocky Point’s chip off the old (wood) block!

When Rocky Point reopened in 1948 after a 10-year hiatus, something important was missing.  It had most all the amusement park staples such as a carousel, fun house, dark ride, and Ferris Wheel.  But it debuted without something all amusement parks had — a roller coaster. Rocky Point’s owner Vincent Ferla should be forgiven for… Continue reading Rocky Point’s chip off the old (wood) block!

Rocky ’round the world!

Do a Google search of Rocky Point and most of the images you’ll see are of our beloved Rocky Point Park in Warwick, RI.  (1947 to 1998). But scroll down.  You’ll be intrigued by what else you find.  For instance, there’s Rock Point Park in Elwood, PA (1885 to 1911). And there’s Rocky Springs Park in… Continue reading Rocky ’round the world!

Backtracking at Rocky Point Park

To some it’s a reprieve from a day of white knuckle terror.  To others it’s an enchanting escape into unknown terrain, with joyful anticipation of what lies beyond the next bend. For  centuries, the smaller-than scale-train has been a staple in American amusement parks.   The train ride appeals to all demographics – from train… Continue reading Backtracking at Rocky Point Park