Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall (Part II)

Between the modifications that Intamin made to the ride while it was at Marriot’s Great America, and the additional safety retrofits Rocky Point Park added in 1988, chances of a major accident on the Freefall were slim to none. The Freefall retained its popularity into the 1990s, and no matter where you were at Rocky… Continue reading Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall (Part II)

Rocky Point and SeaWorld: the common themes

What does the SeaWorld Orlando (Florida) theme park and the former Rocky Point Park (Warwick, RI) have in common?  More than you might think! The two parks are more than 1,000 miles apart and opened over a century apart — Rocky Point in 1847 and SeaWorld in 1973 – but those former Rocky Point patrons… Continue reading Rocky Point and SeaWorld: the common themes

The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

“Rocky Point is getting what?!” That was the reaction of most Rocky Point Park faithful in late 1983 when they learned that their traditional Warwick, RI park would be getting an esteemed Arrow Development Corkscrew coaster for the 1984 season.  I mean, Corkscrew coasters were staples in the big theme parks such as Knotts Berry… Continue reading The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

Rocky Point’s chip off the old (wood) block!

When Rocky Point reopened in 1948 after a 10-year hiatus, something important was missing.  It had most all the amusement park staples such as a carousel, fun house, dark ride, and Whip.  But it debuted without something all amusement parks had — a roller coaster. Rocky Point’s owner Vincent Ferla should be forgiven for not… Continue reading Rocky Point’s chip off the old (wood) block!

Backtracking at Rocky Point Park

To some it’s a reprieve from a day of white knuckle terror.  To others it’s an enchanting escape into unknown terrain, with joyful anticipation of what lies beyond the next bend. For  centuries, the smaller-than scale-train has been a staple in American amusement parks.   The train ride appeals to all demographics – from train… Continue reading Backtracking at Rocky Point Park

Rolling out early at Rocky Point Park!

When you think of Rocky Point’s roller coasters, the Corkscrew, Cyclone, and even the Wildcat immediately come to mind.  But did you know that the park once had several smaller, shorter, and milder wooden coasters that thrilled riders centuries ago? Rocky Point’s very first coaster was installed in the spring of 1872 by the American… Continue reading Rolling out early at Rocky Point Park!

Rocky Point 1948: the park that Jack built

  Following the devastation it suffered from the force of the September 1938 hurricane, Rocky Point Park needed some glimmer of hope if it were ever operate again.  After nine years of uncertainty, it was announced that Frederick Hilton and Joseph Trillo planned to rebuild.  Hilton eventually sold his share to Vincent Ferla, and one… Continue reading Rocky Point 1948: the park that Jack built

Two events for (all) the ages!

You could have fond memories of Rocky Point and Crescent Park.  You may want to learn about former Rhode Island amusement parks you never knew existed.  Or you may have been born before all these parks closed, and you want to see what you missed.  Whatever ride you want to take, the Rhode Island Historical… Continue reading Two events for (all) the ages!

Rocky Point’s *Peace* of History

In the much-publicized 1964/65 New York World’s Fair that featured must-see attractions such as It’s A Small World,  Michelangelo’s Pieta, Sinclair Dinoland, the Swiss Sky Ride, and Disney’s Magic Skyway, the fair’s 11 General Foods “Peace Through Understanding” archways weren’t ultimate destinations for fair-goers.  However, they did serve a purpose for families and large groups who went… Continue reading Rocky Point’s *Peace* of History