Witch ride at Rocky Point?

You’d have to be of a certain age to recall Rocky Point’s short-lived Witch Mill dark ride. The three-story, portable attraction debuted in 1971 and was removed after the 1973 season.  But if you want to locate the site of the former Witch’s lair at Rocky Point State Park, read on! Rocky Point’s Witch Mill,… Continue reading Witch ride at Rocky Point?

The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

It was known to strike fear into anybody who rode it.  Rocky Point’s Wildcat coaster (not to be confused with the smaller, single-car Wildcat that arrived in 1958) was a wooden coaster that operated 1926 to 1938, having been destroyed by the ’38 hurricane. It was designed by Herbert Schmeck of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc… Continue reading The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

Uplifting experiences at Rocky Point

Perhaps no structure at Rocky Point State Park is more enchanting and mysterious as the Skyliner remains.  It’s the only ruin you can actually set foot on — and pretend to embark and disembark just as millions of people did for real for nearly 30 years.  Its towering  supports serve as a reference point for… Continue reading Uplifting experiences at Rocky Point

Rocky Point’s Jet Set

The thrill of flying a jet fighter!  Throwing back the throttle and navigating your jet high into the air overlooking Narragansett Day!   Oh, the rider-controlled elevation of the metal sweeps!  With the help of lots of compressed air, of course!  Such was the Roto-Jet at Rocky Point Park. According to amusement park historian Victor… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Jet Set

If this Tower could talk!

Next time, you visit the Circle Swing tower at Rocky Point State Park, take a moment to reflect. The tower belonged to a historic ride dating back to its 1906 installation when it was the Circle Swing.  The ride was installed by Harry G. Traver who had invented it a few years earlier after watching… Continue reading If this Tower could talk!