Two events for (all) the ages!

You could have fond memories of Rocky Point and Crescent Park.  You may want to learn about former Rhode Island amusement parks you never knew existed.  Or you may have been born before all these parks closed, and you want to see what you missed.  Whatever ride you want to take, the Rhode Island Historical… Continue reading Two events for (all) the ages!

Blown Away!

The hurricane of 1938 wiped out five of Rhode Island’s wooden roller coasters, eliminating the artistry of some of the world’s most prolific ride designers. What do the Bullet, the Boston bs, the Comet, the Wildcat and the Flying Turns all have in common?  All met their fate to the September 21, 1938 hurricane that… Continue reading Blown Away!

If this Tower could talk!

Next time, you visit the Circle Swing tower at Rocky Point State Park, take a moment to reflect. The tower belonged to a historic ride dating back to its 1906 installation when it was the Circle Swing.  The ride was installed by Harry G. Traver who had invented it a few years earlier after watching… Continue reading If this Tower could talk!