1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

  Those old enough to have walked through the ruins of Rocky Point Park in the fall of 1938 would tell you they had seen the apocalypse.  With the exception of a few attractions, namely the Rock Cafe, the Flying Turns, the midway carousel and the Tumble Bug, most of the park was leveled by… Continue reading 1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

Blown Away!

The hurricane of 1938 wiped out five of Rhode Island’s wooden roller coasters, eliminating the artistry of some of the world’s most prolific ride designers. What do the Bullet, the Comet, the Wildcat and the Flying Turns all have in common?  All met their fate to the September 21, 1938 hurricane that crippled New England. … Continue reading Blown Away!

Short Turns at Rocky Point Park

It was here in 1931.  Gone ten years later! Rocky Point’s Flying Turns coaster was by all accounts a thrilling experience.  But the thrills were cut short by the hurricane of September 21, 1938; a storm that destroyed most of the park’s attractions. For those who don’t know what a Flying Turns is, let me… Continue reading Short Turns at Rocky Point Park

The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

It was known to strike fear into anybody who rode it.  Rocky Point’s Wildcat coaster (not to be confused with the smaller, single-car Wildcat that arrived in 1958) was a wooden coaster that operated 1926 to 1938, having been destroyed by the ’38 hurricane. It was designed by Herbert Schmeck of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc… Continue reading The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point