Rocky Point’s *Peace* of History

In the much-publicized 1964/65 New York World’s Fair that featured must-see attractions such as It’s A Small World,  Michelangelo’s Pieta, Sinclair Dinoland, the Swiss Sky Ride, and Disney’s Magic Skyway, the fair’s 11 General Foods “Peace Through Understanding” archways weren’t ultimate destinations for fair-goers.  However, they did serve a purpose for families and large groups who went… Continue reading Rocky Point’s *Peace* of History

The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part III)

With the closing of Crescent Park following the 1978 season, there were no takers for the Flying Fish.  My visit to the abandoned and eroding park in April 1980 revealed a twisted pile of ruble with the fragmented catwalk and the severed list chain being the only recognizable remains, seen below. There were no signs… Continue reading The Cat/Fish of Rocky Point and Crescent Park (Part III)

Rocky Point State Park in 2017: Some things never change!

Looking back at this year’s events held at Rocky Point State Park, they created a striking similarity to decades earlier when the land hosted an amusement park. Take for instance the Department of Environmental Management’s (DEM) First Day Hike held on January 1st.  Hundreds of people walked through the park, many exploring it for the… Continue reading Rocky Point State Park in 2017: Some things never change!

Happy third anniversary, Rocky Point State Park

   Well, I’m three days late on the anniversary wishes.  But what’s a few days for a park that started in 1847?  So about three years ago today, Rocky Point State Park opened to the public.  Like today, October 25, 2014 was a gorgeous Fall day.  Rather than rehash it all, I’ll share some photos… Continue reading Happy third anniversary, Rocky Point State Park

The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

It was known to strike fear into anybody who rode it.  Rocky Point’s Wildcat coaster (not to be confused with the smaller, single-car Wildcat that arrived in 1958) was a wooden coaster that operated 1926 to 1938, having been destroyed by the ’38 hurricane. It was designed by Herbert Schmeck of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc… Continue reading The Wildcat “strike” at Rocky Point

Uplifting experiences at Rocky Point

Perhaps no structure at Rocky Point State Park is more enchanting and mysterious as the Skyliner remains.  It’s the only ruin you can actually set foot on — and pretend to embark and disembark just as millions of people did for real for nearly 30 years.  Its towering  supports serve as a reference point for… Continue reading Uplifting experiences at Rocky Point

Rocky Point’s Jet Set

The thrill of flying a jet fighter!  Throwing back the throttle and navigating your jet high into the air overlooking Narragansett Day!   Oh, the rider-controlled elevation of the metal sweeps!  With the help of lots of compressed air, of course!  Such was the Roto-Jet at Rocky Point Park. According to amusement park historian Victor… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Jet Set