Two events for (all) the ages!

You could have fond memories of Rocky Point and Crescent Park.  You may want to learn about former Rhode Island amusement parks you never knew existed.  Or you may have been born before all these parks closed, and you want to see what you missed.  Whatever ride you want to take, the Rhode Island Historical… Continue reading Two events for (all) the ages!

The Mysterious Monster Ride at Lincoln Park (Part II)

During the off-season following the 1960 season, Dom Spadola and Ed Leis teamed up to create a completely different experience in the Laff In the Dark building.  The two East Providence, Rhode Island residents worked under the guise of National Amusement Devices (NAD).   Leis was already an established coaster builder, having designed and built… Continue reading The Mysterious Monster Ride at Lincoln Park (Part II)

Witch ride at Rocky Point?

You’d have to be of a certain age to recall Rocky Point’s short-lived Witch Mill dark ride. The three-story, portable attraction debuted in 1971 and was removed after the 1973 season.  But if you want to locate the site of the former Witch’s lair at Rocky Point State Park, read on! Rocky Point’s Witch Mill,… Continue reading Witch ride at Rocky Point?