Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall!

Back in the early 1980s, a Freefall drop tower ride could only be found in theme parks with towering presences, such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Marriot’s Great America, and Six Flags Over Texas.  It was given names such as Demon Drop, Texas Cliffhanger, Drop of Doom, and Stuntman’s Free Fall. Yet, somehow, in 1988,… Continue reading Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall!

Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

Trying to find documentation about Rocky Point’s midway carousel is like riding it — round and round you go until you end up at the same place you started! Let’s begin with the year it was built: some say 1910, others say 1915, and a few say 1917.  So, let’s look at the facts: Rocky… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

A Florida park that fills the bill!

  It’s clear from my blog posts that I’m a huge fan/historian of amusement parks.  So it stands to reason that I visited SeaWorld and Fun Spot America Orlando during my recent Florida visit.  And by now, you’re certainly aware that I’m a strong advocate for Rocky Point State Park, here in Rhode Island.  … Continue reading A Florida park that fills the bill!

The year Rocky Point Park put a *cork* in it! (Part III)

“And I just have to say that I’m pleased to visit the Rocky Point Palladium.  Hey, listen, this is the first time I’ve been to an amusement park in years.  In fact, I wanted to check out the Corkscrew, but the Secret Service guys wouldn’t let me do it.”  President George Bush at a Fundraising… Continue reading The year Rocky Point Park put a *cork* in it! (Part III)

The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

“Rocky Point is getting what?!” That was the reaction of most Rocky Point Park faithful in late 1983 when they learned that their traditional Warwick, RI park would be getting an esteemed Arrow Development Corkscrew coaster for the 1984 season.  I mean, Corkscrew coasters were staples in the big theme parks such as Knotts Berry… Continue reading The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part I)

1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

  Those old enough to have walked through the ruins of Rocky Point Park in the fall of 1938 would tell you they had seen the apocalypse.  With the exception of a few attractions, namely the Rock Cafe, the Flying Turns, the midway carousel and the Tumble Bug, most of the park was leveled by… Continue reading 1948: Rocky Point Park 2.0

Hot Wheels! At Rocky and Crescent!

Perhaps no amusement park ride has captured the imagination than the Ferris Wheel and its proverbial “stop at the top”… and perhaps a smooch!   Whereas Rocky Point Park and Crescent Park had various forms of wheels early in their respective histories, today we are going to look at the two parks’ Eli Bridge Ferris… Continue reading Hot Wheels! At Rocky and Crescent!