A Rocky Point Of View

Once the home to the Flume, the Corkscrew, the Cyclone, the Freefall and an assortment of other thrilling attractions, Warwick, Rhode Island’s Rocky Point State Park is now a serene 120 acres of spectacular coastal retreat. Seems everywhere you point a camera or a phone, you’ll capture an awesome photo.   You won’t catch a… Continue reading A Rocky Point Of View

Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall (Part II)

Between the modifications that Intamin made to the ride while it was at Marriot’s Great America, and the additional safety retrofits Rocky Point Park added in 1988, chances of a major accident on the Freefall were slim to none. The Freefall retained its popularity into the 1990s, and no matter where you were at Rocky… Continue reading Falling for the Rocky Point Park Freefall (Part II)