A Rocky Point Of View

Once the home to the Flume, the Corkscrew, the Cyclone, the Freefall and an assortment of other thrilling attractions, Warwick, Rhode Island’s Rocky Point State Park is now a serene 120 acres of spectacular coastal retreat. Seems everywhere you point a camera or a phone, you’ll capture an awesome photo.   You won’t catch a splashdown on the Flume or a Cyclone car cresting the lift hill, but you’re nearly certain to snag a magical image or two.  Here are some examples of the wonders of Rocky Point State Park as documented by members of the Rocky Point Park Remembered! Facebook group.

If you’re an early riser, you can treat yourself to a glorious sunrise like theabove cover photo captured by Tim Forsberg.  Here are some other sunrise photos by Tim and others.

Tim Forsberg



Cheryl Whitman Cook













Joshua Martin

The Arch, which came to Rocky Point in 1966 from the 1964/65 New York Words Fair is another inspiring photo op.

Brian Couto


john dasilva
John DaSilva


Even the reflection of the Arch can make a cool photo…in the winter!

George LaCross

You can capture some awesome images simply walking the scenic trails with your friends.

Lois E. Walsh
Lois E. Walsh
Cheryl Whitman Cook
Cheryl Whitman Cook

If you have some photos from Rocky Point’s amusement park days, you can do a “Then & Now” combo!

Paul F. Lynds
then and now - copy
George LaCross

You can walk the hill to the Skyliner turnaround, point and click…

Lois E. Walsh
Sean McCarthy

…or shoot off-site using a filter!

Lois E. Walsh

It’s fun capturing silhouettes from a distance.

George LaCross

On some visit, you might catch the elusive Rocky Point Rainbow!

Tim Forsberg

As the sun sets at Rocky Point State Park, it’s time to head to the parking lot.  But not before we snap a few more photos.

Jessica Rix
Tom Dwyer
Jessica Rix

So that’s a wrap for today folks.  See you next time at Rocky Point State Park.  Come back with plenty of memory on your phones and cameras.  And be ready to capture some ever-lasting memories!

Postcard by George LaCross


To video of Tim Forsberg’s sunrise shots at Rocky Point State Park, go here.


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