The Rocky Point Road Trip! (Part III)

Ok kids, time to hit the road again!  This one’s a breeze.   We’re traveling Route 95 North to Route 93 North and as quick as you can say “Live free or die” we’re crossing the New Hampshire line.  We’ll take Exit 2 – and in one hop, skip and a jump, we’re at Canobie Lake Park.   Not quite as old as Rocky Point (Canobie opened in 1902), this picturesque Granite State amusement park has much in common with our former Warwick, RI park.

As we pull into the parking lot, we look for an attendant to take our money — but wait, there’s none to be found…parking attendant that is.  Similarity Number One: free parking at both Rocky Point and Canobie!

Rocky Point Park in the 1970s


Canobie Lake Park

As we enter the midway, let’s do something different this time.  Rather than seek out a ride, let’s look for something we all cherished at Rocky Point!


Rocky Point Skee Ball in the 1960s
Canobie’s present  Skee Ball palor
Canobie Lake Skee Ball today

As you can see, Canobie has a vintage machines very similar was the ones we played at Rocky Point.

Moving down the midway, let’s see if we can find a Tilt-A-Whirl to match ours.  We had several different models over the years, but below is one most of us remember.

RP Tilt2

So here’s the thing: Canobie’s Tilt looks a little different than Rocky’s did.  And it even was renamed Twist & Shout at some point.  But it’s still a vintage Sellner Tilt and here’s a fun fact: seven of the tubs on the Canobie Tilt were acquired from the legendary Palisades Park after that long-operating New Jersey park closed in 1971.


Remember those antique cars we loved as kids at Rocky Point?

JungleLand Ram

Well, Canobie has basically the same set-up – only theirs have two benches and are covered.


Not all of us rode Rocky Point’s Caterpillar which was replaced by the Roto Jet in the late 1950s.

Rocky Point’s Caterpillar in 1957

But if you want to know what the riding experience was like, Canobie has the same model — an Allan Herschell-manufactured Cat!


Rocky Point had several different Chutes rides in the early 1900s, like this one below.


What to make an even bigger splash?  Ride Canobie’s Boston Tea Party!


So let’s dry off with a ride on the Mine of Lost Souls…

lssignMine of Lost Souls

…hit the road before our souls get lost in Route 93 South rush hour traffic!

Until next time, you Rocky Point roadsters!


To be continued!


Photo credits:

Jason Hogue

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