The Rocky Point Road Trip! (Part II)

Our Road Trip takes us down Route 80 into Pennsylvania.  We’re going to check into the Red Roof Inn at Danville, eat breakfast at Friendly’s next door, then take the wooded, hilly backroads to Knoebels Amusement Resort In Elysburg.  Let’s see if we can find some rides there similar to those we loved at Rocky Point Park.

Remember how much we enjoyed Rocky Point’s Roto Jet, throttling up and down to the sound of compressed air?



RP Roto

Well, Knoebels offers the same flight plan with its Roto Jet, a ride it acquired in the early 1960s from the defunct Freedomland in the Bronx, NY.  It’s in mint condition, and it flies a lot faster than Rocky Point’s rendition.


For those who enjoyed the legal malice of crashing your 500-pound Lusse AutoSkooter into others inside the Rocky Point Skooter pavilion…


…you can continue your road rage at Knoebels, arguably the country’s best Skooter ride.


If you rode Rocky Point’s Roundup, stand up and pay attention!


Because Knoebels has a Super Round Up model.



Did the loss Rocky Point’s Rok-n-Rol leave you hanging?
Joe Rok

Then check out Knoebels vintage Looper: the forerunner ride to the Rok-n-Rol!


Did you ever wonder what riding Rocky Point’s Flying Turns coaster would be like?  Surely you saw photos of this coaster, built in 1931, only to be destroyed by the 1938 hurricane?

Turns StationTurns Loading

Well, Knoebels can make you feel the thrills your grandparents experienced at Rocky Point.  The park built its own Flying Turns coaster over a span of seven years, finally opening it in 2013.



Ok, folks, time to head back to the Red Roof Inn and get a good night’s sleep.  We’ll soon be hitting the highway again as for our next leg of the Rocky Point Road Trip! mystery-trip

Wonder what our next destination may be?





To be continued!


Photo credits:

Mark Thompson

Burt Clark

Anita Cerri Ferla

You Must Be This Tall
George LaCross
John Malone
Paul F. Lynds
Robert Hamel



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