The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

Did you have a favorite Rocky Point Park ride that they’d give your eye teeth to ride again?  Well, no need to see your dentist.  Gas up your car, set your smart phone’s GPS, and let’s hit the road to see what we can find!

Miss seeing this damsel in distress inside Rocky Point’s Castle of Terror/House of Horrors?


You can see her “sister” (below) and other familiar faces inside Trimper’s Haunted House dark ride in Ocean City, Maryland.  Like Rocky Point’s Castle/House, the displays in Trimper’s ride were designed by Bill Tracy.


And while you’re at Trimper’s re-live memories of riding the Sea Monster and the rest of  the menagerie on Rocky Point’s circa 1915 Herschell-Spillman Carousel…


…on Trimper’s circa 1912 Herschell-Spillman carousel, below.


How about Rocky Point’s Spider, below?


There may be other Spiders around, but the one I’m aware of that most performs like Rocky Point’s former cult classic is this one at Waldameer in Erie, Pennsylvania.


And speaking of insects, if you were bugged about the loss of Rocky Point’s Tumble Bug…


…you can travel a short distance in Western Pennsylvania from Waldameer to board this one below at Conneaut Lake Park.


Feeling down about losing the Yo Yo?


Then swing over to Rye, New York’s Playland Park and ride theirs.



And while you’re at Playland, Rocky Point Musik Express fans…


…can now line up for its *Music* Express.


And if you thought Rocky Point had a cool Whip…



…you can get on Playland’s (below) in a snap!

9413525972_5570440702_b (1)

Slider1No, not yet!  More to come later!


To be continued…


Photo credits:

Anita Cerri Ferla

You Must Be This Tall

George LaCross

John Malone

Paul F. Lynds

Robert Hamel









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