The year Rocky Point put a *cork* in it! (Part II)

In the 2007 movie, You Must Be This Tall: The Story Of Rocky Point Park, amusement park historian John Carothers holds up the postcard below.


Carothers whimsically explains that the postcard is fraudulent; that this is not Rocky Point’s Corkscrew coaster.  He then goes on to point out the differences between the two coasters.

Carothers was right.  There were major differences (without getting too geeky) between the Corkscrews in question — at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California and Rocky Point’s Corkscrew in Warwick, RI, below.


Fact is, the Rocky Point postcard was printed before completion of its Corkscrew.  No harm, no foul.  It wasn’t the first time an amusement park executed this.  And it won’t be the last!

Once it became operational in 1984, the Rocky Point Corkscrew became a valuable marketing tool.  You’d find it on cups.

Water bottles.


And even incorporated it into the park logo.

rp logoRegardless of where you were the park, the Corkscrew was always in the background.




The park even retained some fixtures into the coaster’s landscape from the section the Corkscrew displaced — Kiddieland.  There was the Giant Rooster.




And the roof of the Allan Herschell Kiddie Carousel – although that may have been retained by default.

Real deal

For the thousands of park patrons who never got to a major theme park, they felt like they hit the big time in little Rocky Point!



However, even veteran coaster riders got a special thrill from Rocky’s Corkscrew.



The Corkscrew provided awesome photo and video ops — if you dared carry on your clunky equipment of the time.

Jake3 So how did the Corkscrew roll into the 1990s?

To be continued…


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