Kloning/Cloning coasters at Rocky Point Park! (Part I)

Some will swear on the Bible that since 1970, Rocky Point Park had the same, single car fleet coaster that seemed to sp9643506_fpxiral out of control as if you were riding in a giant marble race toy.

But the fact of the matter is, there were two, possibly three, similar coasters in basically the same footprint at Rocky Point beginning in 1970.  They were Hell’s Angels, Zyclon, and Cyclone.  In this blog, I’ll attempt to unravel the twisted track record of these coasters. First, let’s travel back in time to 1968 to the Casino Pier amusement park in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.  See that coaster in the left-hand corner, with the little cupola atop the lift hill?  That’s the Hell’s Angel’s coaster.


And in the color photo below.


Casino Pier’s Hell’s Angels roller coaster had no relevance to biker gangs, but stay with me, ok?  The coaster was a Zyklon model designed by the former F.lli Pinfari S.r.l, an Italian ride manufacturing company which was based in Suzzara, Italy.  So what does this have to do with Rocky Point Park?  Well, Rocky Point acquired that very coaster from Casino Pier for the 1970 season and here’s what it looked like when installed in Warwick, RI, still named Hell’s Angels.


Shortly afterwards, Rocky Point either acquired another used Zyklon or simply dropped the Hell’s Angels name.  Either way, the coaster on that footprint was now named the Zyclon.


Not the Zyklon, but the Zyclon!  Still with me?   But wait!  This 1971 newspaper ad has the coaster named “Zyclone.”  But hey, what’s in a name, right?


The Zyclon entertained Rocky Point patrons for years.  It became the park’s only major coaster aKlon9fter the Wildcat was removed in 1974.  Here are some photos of the Zyclon in action.



In 1982, Rocky Point’s Zyclon cloned (or is it Cycloned?) into a different model, but very similar,Cyclone roller coaster. More about that in the next chapter!

To be continued….





Photo Credits:

 Providence Journal

Casino Pier History Facebook group

Rhode Trip Photography

Justin White

Anita Cerri Ferla

You Must Be This Tall

Mark Thompson


To see the Rocky Point Zyclon in action go here:


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