Desperately seeking “Sandy”!

Not much is known about the former Sandy Beach amusement park in Fall River, Massachusetts.

According to the 1998 book Rhode Island Amusement Parks by Rob Lewis and Ryan Young, Sandy Beach was situated at the end of Bay Street. Before the 1890s
the area was known as Old Elm. Around 1892, the Dubois family developed
the area into an amusement park and bathing spot. The site became very
popular and could be reached by trolley from almost anywhere in the
city.  A 1930 fire badly damaged the park.  The hurricane of 1938
completed the devastation,  documented by this photo of the park’s carousel, believed to have been a Looff.


According to the book, in 1911, President William Howard Taft flew to Sandy beach to view Fall River’s Cotton Centennial.  In the two photos below, you see that plane on the beach.




Although another source has Taft arriving at Sandy Beach via a yacht (see photo below), and indicates that the two photos above depict a hydroplane landing at the amusement park by Glenn Curtiss.


And below is the delegation that greeted Taft at the park.


As seen in the three photos below, the Beach had a Figure 8, single-car, side-friction roller possibly built by the Ingersoll Construction Company.




As expected, Sandy Beach amusement park had a dance hall.

il_570xN.1199035500_gk5i (1)

And of course, a Traver Circle Swing, a staple of every amusement park of this era.


And if you weren’t fond of the mechanical rides you could always improvise,



So as always, any additional information on this park would be greatly appreciated!



Photo credits:

Spinner Publications

Digital Commonwealth

(Fall River) Herald News

Rhode Island Amusement Parks by Rob Lewis and Ryan Young,





4 thoughts on “Desperately seeking “Sandy”!

  1. Sandy Beach Amusement Park in Fall River was located exactly where the Fall River Waste Water Treatment facility is today.


  2. Yes that is true from what I was told and have read. If U walk down by the water there, at end of Bay St. mostly on the Tiverton side, U can see old pieces of the tops from a wall, the fancy tops. When I found these things I did a little research and found out about the amusement park. There used to be quite a few amusement parks around the state.


  3. I recommend checking the microfilm from Fall River’s French-language newspaper, L’Independant. At least one photographer for that publication lived along Sandy Beach.


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