Witch ride at Rocky Point?

You’d have to be of a certain age to recall Rocky Point’s short-lived Witch Mill dark ride. The three-story, portable attraction debuted in 1971 and was removed after the 1973 season.  But if you want to locate the site of the former Witch’s lair at Rocky Point State Park, read on!

Ony the Witch knows for sure!
And now for the question that’s on everyone’s minds:  Where do I find the former Flying Witch site at Rocky Point State Park?
See the “now” and “then” photos below.
The former Witch site is located to the left of the last Skyliner tower in the open midway.  It’s that easy.  But be cautioned… remember the fate of the explorers in the Blair Witch Project!!!
For an onride video of Playland Park’s Flying Witch, go to:
For a behind the scenes look at Playland’s Witch go to:
To experience the former La Ronde Witch Mill ride, click on:
(Photo credits: Robert Hamel, Anita Cerri Ferla, Hawg Gnarly, You Must Be This Tall movie collection, Paul Sitko, http://studiopluche.blogspot.com, George LaCross)


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