Rocky Point’s Little Hook & Ladder

In the last entry, I mentioned taking a miniature fire truck ride in 1962, when Rocky Point’s Kiddieland when located on the site of the future Flume ride. Overland Amusements of Lexington, MA furnished a hook and ladder fire truck using a modified tractor and a specially fabricated trailer to carry the children. The ladders ran the length of the trailer and were hinged and folded into the kids’ laps for safety


(Rhode Island Monthly photo)

The fire truck took youngsters down a dirt path into the then wooded, underdeveloped section of the park which was hidden from the midway view.  This area would latter be occupied by the Rocky Point Express in the mid-1960s, and a host of other rides after the 1970 expansion.  But those of us of a certain age will remember the thrill of being transported away from civilization on a dirt path into a little forest of sorts  for a  minute  before returning to parents or grandparents, waiting anxiously on the hot concrete of kiddieland.


On another note, I want to assure you that the Laff In The Dark/House of Horrors (referred to in my last post) was NOT a “rip-off” as the angry teen claimed. It was in fact a great ride, and there was a valid reason why the park renamed Laff In The Dark as the House of Horrors for the 1962 season. I promise to delve into that backstory in a future post.

(Title photo credit: Providence Public Library)


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