Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

Trying to find documentation about Rocky Point’s midway carousel is like riding it — round and round you go until you end up at the same place you started! Let’s begin with the year it was built: some say 1910, others say 1915, and a few say 1917.  So, let’s look at the facts: Rocky… Continue reading Rocky Point’s Animal Attraction

A Florida park that fills the bill!

  It’s clear from my blog posts that I’m a huge fan/historian of amusement parks.  So it stands to reason that I visited SeaWorld and Fun Spot America Orlando during my recent Florida visit.  And by now, you’re certainly aware that I’m a strong advocate for Rocky Point State Park, here in Rhode Island.  … Continue reading A Florida park that fills the bill!

Rocky Point and SeaWorld: the common themes

What does the SeaWorld Orlando (Florida) theme park and the former Rocky Point Park (Warwick, RI) have in common?  More than you might think! The two parks are more than 1,000 miles apart and opened over a century apart — Rocky Point in 1847 and SeaWorld in 1973 – but those former Rocky Point patrons… Continue reading Rocky Point and SeaWorld: the common themes

The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)

Did you have a favorite Rocky Point Park ride that they’d give your eye teeth to ride again?  Well, no need to see your dentist.  Gas up your car, set your smart phone’s GPS, and let’s hit the road to see what we can find! Miss seeing this damsel in distress inside Rocky Point’s Castle of… Continue reading The Rocky Point Road Trip (Part I)